Family emotional involvement in the adherence process to the treatment of the patient with heart failure in a peruvian public hospital


  • Mónica Elisa Meneses La Riva Hospital Nacional Arzobispo Loayza
  • Lidia Velásquez Ocróspoma Hospital Nacional Arzobispo Loayza
  • Gloria Luz Julca Flores Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Centro de Investigación y Capacitación para el Desarrollo Regional


Family emotional involvement, Adherence to Treatment, heart failure, older adult.


When people lose their health, they feel vulnerable and fragile, so the family's attitude during the disease process is crucial. The objective was to determine the relationship between family support and adherence to treatment in older adults diagnosed with congestive heart failure who go to the cardiology service at a National Hospital. The study was quantitative, correlational and cross-sectional. The population consisted of 65% female and 35% male both older adults diagnosed with CHF; two instruments were used: Family support and adherence to treatment were validated through expert judgment and a pilot test. The Spearman rho correlation coefficient (R=0.460) shows a significant correlation (p=0.000), which was positive and of medium level, which means that low levels of family support correspond to low levels of adherence, and vice versa. The family support variable obtained 70 % of medium level and 15 % correspond to high and low levels. Adherence to treatment reached 53% medium level while 22% high.  In conclusion, family support and adherence to treatment are related to the emotional bonds that induce the patient to motivate his own self-care.  Therefore, the family is key to encourage adherence and promote healthy behaviors in the patient. Likewise, nurses must educate the family on issues related to health care in a family context and the satisfaction of basic needs for the maintenance and quality of life of the patient.


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