Use’s perception of the social networks in young people at the Ica city, 2020 [Percepción sobre el uso de las redes sociales en jóvenes de la ciudad de Ica, 2020]


  • Alejandro Alfredo Quispe Mayuri
  • Leonidas Alejandro Maldonado Bendezú



Internet, Social networks, Young people


The research was oriented to the development of perception of the use of social networks in young people of the city of Ica. The study sought to know the habits and customs of those investigated, about the use of networks and the role played by the devices that produce, receive, process, store and transmit information without distance conditions, and in real time. The research was qualitative as well as descriptive. The population consisted of 59,247 young people aged 20 to 30 years and the sample 384 young people (120 were women and 264 men). The survey technique was used and the instrument was the questionnaire. It was concluded that young people, due to their personal characteristics and the conflicts that they are experiencing, require a personal and social world where family, friends and loved ones share their lives. Social networks are constituted as an alternative to satisfy these needs, which is generating an increase in their addiction day by day because they are participants in the various alternatives that these environments offer. The results were: 43.49% said that they frequently use the internet, 25.7% said that Facebook is the social network of their preference, another 54.17 said that it is essential to use the social network of their preference, 34.9% said that important activities for being connected to a social network, in addition to a 40.36 established that what most attracts them is talking with friends.


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Quispe Mayuri , A. A. ., & Maldonado Bendezú, L. A. . (2021). Use’s perception of the social networks in young people at the Ica city, 2020 [Percepción sobre el uso de las redes sociales en jóvenes de la ciudad de Ica, 2020]. Journal of Global Management Sciences, 4(1), 28–37.

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