Journal of Global Education Sciences 2021-06-08T03:58:05+00:00 Araceli Atanacio Open Journal Systems <p><em>Journal of Global Education Sciences</em> is a peer-reviewed, international and interdisciplinary research journal that focuses on all aspects of Education Sciences. <em>Journal of Global Education Sciences</em> publishes issues twice a year since 2019. </p> <p>All articles published are Open Access for readers and an article processing charge (APC) applies to papers accepted after peer review. </p> Effect of the protection measures established by the peruvian government to prevent the Coronavirus in the Barranca district during the second wave of infections [Efecto de las medidas de protección establecidas por el gobierno peruano para prevenir el Coronavirus en el distrito de Barranca durante la segunda ola de contagios] 2021-06-08T00:58:45+00:00 Dante Cruz Nieto Ronald Rodríguez Espinoza Olga Valderrama Ríos Jorge López Balarezo Ronald Ramos Pacheco Elvira Castañeda Chirre José Yovera Saldarriaga Patricia Meyhuey Pala <p>The objective of the investigation is to establish the effect of the protection measures established by the government to reduce the contagion by Covid -19 in the district of Barranca during the second wave of infections. Data were collected on compliance with protection measures such as distancing, use of masks, visors and disinfection with alcohol in public places such as streets, markets, banks and parks. For this, data collection instruments based on visual inspection were used to verify the appropriate use of protection measures, as well as a survey regarding the use of alcohol as a disinfectant; and the data obtained was processed through basic statistics and correlation with the data reported by the Ministry of Health of positive infections by Covid-19. It was determined that there is a growth relationship between compliance with protection measures and the number of positive infections, with correlation coefficients for distance of 0.7458, use of 0.6710 masks, 0.8784 visors and use of alcohol as a disinfectant of 0.7310. Regarding the analysis of variance, it is obtained that the use of visors influences the number of positive infections, which is why it is concluded that maintaining distance, in addition to the use of masks and disinfectant alcohol are effective measures to control the number of infections per coronavirus.</p> 2021-02-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Application of the Geogebra Program in the Learning of Geometry in Students of 4th grade of High School N° 86620 Santa Fe de Tumpa -Yungay, 2018 [Aplicación del Programa Geogebra en el Aprendizaje de la Geometría en Alumnos de 4to año de educación secundaria de la I.E. N° 86620 Santa Fe de Tumpa -Yungay, 2018] 2021-06-08T03:27:00+00:00 Jonhson Valderrama Arteaga Mario Ninaquispe Castillo Franklin Puelles Gonzales Perpetua Alayo Meregildo Abencia Soto Gonzales Pilar Núñez Blas Jube Portalatino Zevallos Marcela Saldaña Miranda Nemecio Castillo Tuya Hever Hinostroza Encarnación José Silva Adanaqué <p>The objective of the research is to determine the influence of the Application of the Geogebra Program in the Learning of Geometry in students of 4th grade of High school N° 86620 Santa Fe de Tumpa - Yungay, 2018. The research is cross-sectional experimental type, quantitative method and pre-experimental design. Two instruments were applied: an entrance exam and an exit exam, to a population sample of 22 students from the 4th grade of High school N° 86620 Santa Fe de Tumpa. The results were analyzed after applying the Geogebra program to the single study group. It was found that there is a highly significant influence (p = 0.00001 &lt;0.05) of the Application of the Geogebra program in the Learning of geometry course in High school 4th grade students. The verification of the hypothesis was done by applying the t-student.</p> 2021-03-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Influence of compliance with protection measures to prevent contagion by Covid-19 during the first wave in the district of Barranca [Influencia del acatamiento de las medidas de protección para prevenir el contagio por Covid-19 durante la primera ola en el distrito de Barranca] 2021-06-08T03:58:05+00:00 Dante Cruz Nieto Ronald Rodríguez Espinoza william Guzmán Sánchez Juan Ipanaqué Roña Ronald Ramos Pacheco Delicias Natividad Huasupoma Patricia Meyhuey Pala <p>The objective is to determine how compliance with the protection measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus influences the district of Barranca. The markets and banks were evaluated during the months from March to October 2020, taking as a sample 100 randomly selected people. Compliance with protection measures in the markets occurred gradually, being the month of August where the use of masks was observed in 100%, and in October 95% use of alcohol, 65% use of visors and 58% distancing. In banks, the use of masks reached 100% as of June, in September the use of disinfectant alcohol was 100%, 71% in visors and in October 100% distancing was obtained. It was compared with the results issued by the Ministry of Health, reaching a maximum value of 738 positives in August and a maximum of 33 deaths in June. Despite the protection regulations being complied with, the number of infections increased. However, it is necessary to efficiently intensify protection and control measures in order to avoid a second wave of infections.</p> 2021-03-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021