Reduction of dielectric oil present in Fuller soil by applying Micro-nanobubbles of air at laboratory level [Reducción del aceite dieléctrico presente en el suelo Fuller mediante la aplicación de micro-nanoburbujas de aire a nivel de laboratorio]

Daniel Castillo Anyosa, Jhonny Valverde Flores


The present research consisted of reducing the presence of dielectric oil in fuller ground by using air micro-nanobubbles at laboratory level. Weighed 3 containers 500 grams of soil with dielectric oil in each. After 48 hours the treatment with air micro-nanobubbles was carried out. It was taken to the laboratory to measure the parameters: pH, CE, mv and T in 30, 60, and 90 minutes after total hydrocarbons were analyzed. The best result was sample number 3 with a time of 90 minutes with a 59.6% reduction in the presence of dielectric oil, considered significant for the research work.


Fuller earth, dielectric oil, Micro nanobubbles, air

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