Treatment of wastewater with chloroform from an environmental laboratory using air micro-nanobubbles [Tratamiento de aguas residuales con cloroformo de un laboratorio ambiental utilizando micro-nanoburbujas de aire]

Ivan Manuel Blas Quiñones, Jhonny Valverde Flores


In the investigation, the wastewater was treated with chloroform generated in an environmental laboratory by means of micro-nano air bubbles. For the preliminary analysis, 40 mL of sample were taken. Initial parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature were analyzed. The treatments were in three times 20, 40 and 60 minutes and three runs were made. Finally, the final measurements were made, obtaining favorable results for the Chloroform parameter. The reduction was from 0.8 mg/L to 0.2 mg/L and the pH was improved from 4.69 to 6.85, thus determining that the Micro-nano bubble technology does reduce the concentrations of the contaminant Chloroform present in the water.


Chloroform, Micro-nano bubbles, air

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