Incidence of administrative management in labor disputes of administrative workers at the Sierra Centro Sur special project in Ayacucho, 2018 [Incidencia de la gestión administrativa en los conflictos laborales de trabajadores administrativos del proyecto especial Sierra Centro Sur en Ayacucho, 2018]

Isabel Menacho Vargas, Yrene Cecilia Uribe Hernández, Hernando Martín Campos Martinez, Wilder Caruajulca Quispe


Administrative management, which resides in projecting, structuring, carrying out and inspecting a specific task to achieve goals through the use of individuals and other resources is a key element within any company. Therefore, effective administration allows many goals to be achieved. In relation to labor disputes, these are born from different perspectives when discrepancies cannot be resolved. From there, it is important to recognize the types of problems that can generate a conflict to prevent and not affect the performance and welfare of its members. For this reason, companies have begun to use alternative conflict resolution processes, especially mediation, to process conflicts and prosper labor ties. From the above, the need was born to know how administrative management had an impact on labor disputes; as well as knowing how the administrative management influences the dimensions of differentiation of activities, shared resources and interdependent activities in a way that leads to an effective administration and optimal performance and well-being of the staff, leading to financial and resource gains within the Project under study. The research presented a non-experimental, quantitative, basic design and was multivariable causal. The population was 110 administrative workers. Surveys were used as techniques and had likert questionnaires as instruments. Coming to conclude that administrative management has a significant impact on labor disputes (less than 1,852 times than if management were not efficient and less than 1,135 times if it was not good); The aforementioned variable also affects the differentiation dimensions of activities, shared resources and independent activities.


Administrative management, Labor disputes, workers.

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