Impact of productivity on exports: Case of the grape in Peru, 2007-2017 [Impacto de la productividad en las exportaciones: Caso de la uva en Perú, 2007-2017]

Carlos Guerra Bendezú, Liz Robladillo Bravo, Vivian Romaní Franco


Peru, in the last 10 years has been experiencing an almost constant growth in the exports of some products of the agricultural sector that have great acceptance in the international market. Among the products most in demand are the grapes, which are exported in significant quantities to the United States, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, among others. Although they have been presenting basically climatological problems, the production has followed an encouraging direction, improving its productivity every year, being the departments Piura, Ica, Lima, Lambayeque and La Libertad, the most representative as far as its production is concerned. In this scenario, where international markets open up thanks to agreements and treaties signed, the demands on producers increase, with productivity being the main indicator of continuous improvement, measuring advances in knowledge, techniques and specialization, generating greater production and better quality. Analyzing the impact of productivity on exports, allows us to have an idea of the cause-effect relationships between one and the other, allowing greater emphasis on strategies to generate improvements. The statistical analysis carried out showed that there is a significant impact of export productivity, so that for each additional tonne increased in production per hectare harvested, exports increase by 36,819 tons. This fact must be considered, since the dedication and the impulse that is granted to improve productivity will have very positive results in exports.


Production, Grape, Import, Export, Productivity, Impact

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