Climacteric experiences in nurses: Bases for feminine care in the light of Joan Scott [Experiencias climatéricas en enfermeras: Bases para el cuidado femenino a la luz de Joan Scott]

María Teresa Cabanillas Chávez, Yolanda Rodríguez Núñez De Guzmán, Mónica Elisa Meneses La Riva


The climacteric is a physiological stage in women that is characterized by a series of morphological, functional, psychological and emotional changes of experiences based on the care in the feminine condition.  Objectives to describe and analyze the experiences of nurses based on Joan Scott's theory and to consider the basis for care.  Qualitative study by means of a life history whose population consisted of ten nurses, an in-depth interview with open questions was used. Results: The following categories were evidenced: (1) Experiencing the climacteric with physical and psychological alterations, (2) Experiencing feelings of sexual inferiority, separation and incomprehension with the couple, (3) Help social networks: family, professional help, peer help, and (4) Transcend from the experiences and the bases for the achievement of a full life towards a model of integral care for women of climacteric age.  It is concluded that the uncomfortable experiences of the climacteric compromises family and work interactions.  In conjugal life, emotional fragility and incomprehension is still an obstacle for some women; family support provides effective help even in the most difficult moments, when the symptomatology is very intense, the woman requests professional help. For Scott, the woman establishes bonds of cultural identity, social with little understood gender differences. Therefore, the nurse must provide comprehensive and unique care, where the woman achieves a full life, building a "Model of care where strategies of action are developed directed at women in all its spheres.


Climacterium, Care in female condition, nurses

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