Behavior patterns in the automation of the nursing professional against the absence of sanitary prevention policies in a national hospital, 2017

Mónica Meneses, Jorge Baldárrago, Sandra Velasquez


World Health Organization reports that 5% of the population of the planet could be allergic to one or more drugs or make resistance to it, due to self-medication. Objective: To determine the behavior patterns in the self-medication of the nursing professional of a National Hospital. Methodology: Quantitative cross-sectional study, a sample composed of 118 nurses. A questionnaire was used that was subjected to validity and reliability tests. For the analysis of the data, descriptive statistics were used with the statistical package SPSS version 24, respecting the ethical considerations Results: The behavior patterns of the nurses with respect to self-medication were: That of the total of respondents, 95% self-medicated without a prescription, 75% used analgesics and / or anti-inflammatories, 16% antihistamines and 6% % antipyretics Regarding the frequency of self-medication, "sometimes" was 93%, while almost always it is 6%. In the form of obtaining the dose, 43% refers to the medication literature, 38% for previous medical consultation, 15% use their personal criteria, while the main reason for self-medication is the lack of time to go to the doctor in 40 %. 37% reported having the knowledge to prescribe themselves, 14% for other reasons (lack of money, delay in care) while, 9% overload of work. Conclusions: It is confirmed that the nursing professional has competencies in pharmacological management, which facilitates the adoption of non-responsible self-medication behaviors placing them in a vulnerable situation with respect to their health.


Self-medication, Public Health, Nursing Professional

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