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How Could The Search Engines Optimization Go All Wrong?

by Heike Findley (2020-03-17)

A shoe-selling website owner does this.

Types a long-tail keyword using "shoes" in it and the website shows nowhere in the results.

Shocking, isn't it? That's what happen to businesses when their website's search engine optimization has gone all wrong. Quite a few companies implement their irrelevant strategies, either out of their inexperiences or fraudulent tactics, Which Ad Extension Would You Use For An Advertiser Who Has A Chain Of Local Restaurants pulls out a website from the SERPs. At the receiving end, a client suffers, both in terms of finance and reputation.

A few instances how sites have link problems would affect Google rankings:

Poor anchor text mix - Misusing the anchor text along with the keywords for aggressive SEO could penalize a website. Thus, one must type-in the relevant and precise information in the anchor text instead of misleading content.

Links in the comment section - This one's a hazardous tactic that black SEO teams practice. Visiting the blogs section and putting the links of the client website in the comments section may not go well with Google.

Irrelevant links - The organic results draw from the original content related to a particular topic, but if links are provided in unrelated categories, then it would affect the chances of a website ranking in the top of SERPs.

What are the differences in SEO and Search Engine Friendliness?

There's a difference between a website being optimized and search engine friendly. The further points will indicate clearly.

One-time v/s continuous

When a developer creates a website, he/she takes up absolute measures to make it a search friendly website, which is a one time job. However, the SEO is an ever continuing process that never ends. Any Digital Web Marketing Company, USA recognizes this fact and develops newer content, provides backlinks, creates strategies and so on for everlasting success.

Construction v/s content

One of the key factors in developing a search engine friendly website is the construction of the website. The developers do it well and apply their minds to realize it. However, in SEO the main focus relies on the content of the website, especially how it can attract the visitors, feed them with appealing content and bring conversions.

Unique v/s optimized

Obviously, when it is said that "content is king", it means exactly the same to search engines optimization techniques as well. Here, the development of unique is an absolute necessity, but in an optimized fashion. Consequently, the searchers will find the content they're looking for on the website. If ignored, the website will almost have zero chance of getting into the top rankings.

What major roles do the SEO companies play?

Every role of the campaign is carried out by the SEO company. Though inputs will be provided by the client, but the actual techniques have to be implemented by the SEO company. As and when a top SEO company USA follows unique strategy culminated from the latest trends and proven methodologies, the paramount success is always waiting for them. Therefore, the clients need to find the SEO consultants who have an exceptional track record.

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