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What Are Coronavirus?

by Jillian Nadel (2020-02-11)

Transmission . MERS - CoV , like other coronaviruses , probably spreads from an infected person's respiratory secretions , such as through coughing . Infected people have spread MERS - CoV to others in healthcare settings , like hospitals .

Transmission . Share on Pinterest Contagious diseases can spread through coughing without covering the mouth . There has not been a fantastic deal of study on how a human coronavirus spreads from one person to the next . However , it's actually believed that the viruses transmit using secreted fluid from the respiratory system .

On some occasions , however rarely , a coronavirus could infect both animals and humans . Most coronaviruses spread the same way other cold - causing viruses do , through infected people coughing and sneezing , by touching an infected person's hands or face , or by touching things like doorknobs that infected people have touched .

Researchers know that , like other respiratory viruses , MERS is extremely contagious because it's actually spread through droplets—from when a person coughs or sneezes , as an example . But other mechanics of how the virus behaves are a mystery . SARS and MERS are in the same larger family of viruses , called coronaviruses .

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