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Vision 20

by Jerome Princy (2020-01-28)

Wrap around sunglasses Vision 20 Review offer the most protection for your eyes from the sun. UV rays are very harmful to your eyes. Your eyes can literally get burned from UV rays. You can suffer vision loss from continued exposure to UV rays. It is very important that your eyes are protected. Wrap around sunglasses protect your eyes like no other type. The sun can not get to your eyes from the sides or from the front. Many people that play sports depend on wrap around sunglasses to help them play effectively, because the protection from the suns rays are so superior with these types of sunglasses, athletes can play their sport on sunny days without worrying about the glare effecting their sight. You will see these types of sunglasses often on the slopes. People who ski are well aware of the benefits of wearing wrap around sunglasses, they sit snugly on the head and cover the eye area, so that they are well protected from the glare and the damaging rays of the sun. They look a bit like goggles but are a lot thinner and a lot more comfortable. Athletes depend on these sunglasses to make sure that they are on the top of their game. The styles only vary slightly with wrap around sunglasses. The lenses are usually quite substantial and there is typically a band of sorts attached to the arms of the sunglasses which encircles the back of the head holding the sunglasses firmly in place. The style difference lies with the color of the frames and the shape of the lenses. The color of the frames will vary from model to model. Usually the color of the frame will match the color of the band. The color range is from the very sedate whites to the really outrageous neon colors. It all depends on personal choice as to which color is right for you.