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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-20)

You would think we would Leptitox Review have woken up to the fact that because diets don't work 95 percent of the time we need to find another solution to our overweight problems. Maybe the fact that we are always looking for a short term 'quick fix' to a long term problem could be the reason why diets fail. They simply do not provide a long term solution, and no matter how many times we try they still fail. What anyone who is overweight needs to understand is that unless they fix the problem up at the source it is never going to go away. Our modern day lives are so inactive and sedentary we allow our metabolism (our body's engine) to slow to a crawl. We somehow seem to believe that it does not matter if we don't work our muscular system in a challenging way on a regular basis. If you believe that then you will have to get very used to being overweight, and along with being overweight not only comes all the health risks but not feeling and looking your best is not a good positive way to live life. But if you truly want to get your weight under control there are basic fundamental principals that you will need to make sure are in place so you can reverse the tendency to continue to put on excess body fat. The end goal is to be burning up more fuel (calories) each day that you are taking in. This will put the brakes on continually increasing weight. The processes that convert the food you eat into energy to fuel your body are called your metabolism. It is in fact your body's engine and its efficiency depends on the condition of your muscular system as this is where fuel (calories) is burnt for energy. If you are not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity it is likely your metabolism has slowed to a crawl. It then is operating on reduced calorie consumption so more is stored as excess body fat.