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Why doesn't the air conditioner get cold

by Tom Jay (2019-08-18)

it is broken and needs repair

What do you do when your air conditioner doesnt blow cold air?
you would need to add freon

How do you check air conditioner on 1998 Volkswagen beetle?
air conditorner doesnt blow cold air has freeon compressor doesnt kick on

How do you recharge portable air conditioner?
Portable air conditioner will not blow cold air. What to do?

Does an air conditioner blow out heat or blow out cold air?
An air conditioner blows out heat

How do you know if you need air conditioner refrigerant in your home?
If your air conditioner blows air but it's not cold air then you probably need freon in your air conditioner

Why no cold air from AC cleaning on Honda Odyssey?
If there is no cold air coming from the air conditioner on a Honda Odyssey the condenserÊmay have failed. No cold air coming from the air conditioner can also mean that the unit needs to be recharged.

Could you ever get to cold from a Air Conditioner and die?
absolutely. be very careful with a air conditioner settings

On my 1999 Chevrolet Suburban why doesn't the air conditioner blow cold air?
diagram for 1999 chev subarban air conditioner

How cold should air conditioning get?
It depends on how cold you want the area that your using the air conditioner on.

Can you store an air conditioner in where its cold?
Generally, yes. How cold are we talking about?

Why your car air conditioner blows cold and then hot air?
Well the main reason why your car blows out cold then hot is because the air conditioner may not be working properly. You should go to the car shop and get it fixed.

What does it mean when a car gets hot but blows cold air?
The Air Conditioner is on

What can you do to make cold air come out air conditioner?
Drop the temp on the thermostat.

Why air conditioner on a 2001 Nissan pathfinder does not blow cold air?
If it does blow just not cold air you should see if it needs to be recharged

2000 Beetle Rumbling noise when car is at idle and air conditioner is on Blows cold air and noise is only at idle Any ideas?
I would get it checked out by a profesional because that one is a hard one to deal with if it doesnt get done right

Why do you get hot air blowing out your air conditioner?
I get hot air coming out of my air conditioner on the passenger side, while I get cold air coming out the drivers side. Can you tell me why and how do I find the schematic to fix it?

Should cold air return be running constantly?
You will hear air circulating in the cold air return (or return air grille) when the heater or air conditioner is running.

What causes your air conditioner to not blow cold air?
gas leak or wrong wiring

Why would your air conditioner blow out hot air?
You have to get it recharged. you have no freeon left which makes the cold air

Why isn't the air conditioner in a 98 civic not blowing cold enough air Sometimes it blows out cold air and sometimes it doesnt.?
If it happens only at idle speeds I'd suspect it is low on freon. If it's intermittent at all engine speeds there may be moisture in the system affecting the expansion valve or a problem with the expansion valve itself.

Air conditioner Dodge Ram?
The air conditioner of a Dodge Ram is powered by the rotation of the engine. It powers a compressor which circulates cold refrigerant throughout the system.

How do you fix travel trailer roof air conditioner that won't blow cold air?
i have a pioneer travel trailer, air conditioner the compressor does not come on please advise is there internal switch?

If you put a computer in front of an air conditioner and the air conditioner is on will it hurt the computer?
unless the air conditioner is on the same circuit and drawing enough power to hinder the computer, or there is enough humidity to cause condensation on the computer, no. computers love to be cold.

What exactly is air conditioning?
Air conditioning is removing hot air with cold air. For example we use air conditioner that removes hot air by blowing cold air from a refrigeration cycle into a room.

What happens when air conditioner touches steel?
The steel gets cold.

What should the air conditioner be set on?
try 78 degrees when cold

How do you circulate the cold air from a window air conditioner to other parts of a house?
Buy a fan! It will circulate the air!

Where is air filter located on central ac?
it's the same as the furnace filter. the air conditioner runs through the furnace to push he cold air. change your furnace filter and you are changing the air filter on the air conditioner

Why is my room air conditioner putting out a haze?
A room air conditioner will being putting out a haze if the air contains high levels of humidity. The mixture of cold and warm air will produce visible water vapor.

Vw beetle air conditioner compressor turns on but doesnt get cold?
If compressor is running 80-100% of time without recycling, it may still be low on freon. If freon pressure is good, may be expansion valve.

If it is cold outside and the air conditioner is on why is it hot inside the room?
you might need freon in the air condition.

What gets colder as it gets hot?
an air conditioner because it warms up to make cold air

Why my car air conditioner doesn't blow hot air it has cold air only?
You are low on coolant to the heater core.

Why does my central air conditioner not cool my bedroom?
it probably doesnt make a convectional current around the room.

It seems to be especially in hotter weather of 90's and above What causes an air conditioner to blow cold for a short time period then only blow hot air not going back to cold and How can I fix it?
There are several causes that an air conditioner is only blowing cold air for a short period of time then only blow hot air and then not going back to cold. This is especially common in the hotter weather including in the 90s and above. It could be from the air conditioner freezing over. You can fix this by simple trouble shooting and if that doesn't work call a repair man.

Can air conditioner change the room temperature to high when it is 8 degrees outside?
No. An air conditioner operates with a condenser which circulates the air past refrigerant-filled coils, which thereby allows it blow out cold air. They have no ability to heat.

Where is air conditioner relay switch on 1999 Chevy s-10 air conditioner stopped throwing cold air suddenly?
My guess is the system is low on freon being 11 years old.

Why does my Air conditioner starts by blowing cold air then warm air?
Low on freon, a weak compressor, or a restriction in your metering device.

Does an air conditioner produce cold air?
See the related link `How does air conditioning work` below. It will answer your question in full detail.

Can mosquitos enter home through air conditioner?
No they can't because cold air kills them. They can live in hot or warm air.

Why is your air conditioner blowing cool air and not cold air?
Low refrigerant charge? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

Why would your car air conditioner blow cold air then hot air?
A.C. circulates air(just like a fan) and turns it cool.

How do you fix your air conditioner if it is losing liquid and will not get cold?
Have the A/C lines checked for leaks.

Car air conditioner first cold later warm?
May need to be recharged.

What will happen if you don't insulate?
You will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If you heat your house, all the heat will escape. If you use an air conditioner, all the cold air will escape.

What is the working principle of an air conditioner?
If you are asking how it cools down the room, air conditioner or its vents are usually located at high areas. Since warm air rises, they take the warm air and make it cold. Cold air is denser and heavier which therefore falls. This process is repeated until the temperature of the whole room is the same. It uses a convection current.

Why is your home air conditioner blowing air but no cold air is coming out?
my air conditionel is blowing hot air what i need to do how i put air in my home window conditional

Air conditioning system delivers warm air what is the cause?
If you mean how an air conditioner that goes in a window will blow warm air outside then that is because an air conditioner basically takes in air from outside and pulls out the cold air which then blows into your house then the warm air is released back outside.

Why doesnt car air conditioner blow cool air?
I have a 2003 X type Jaguar and the a/c does not come on when it's 45 degrees outside. Why?

What are not examples of exothermic reactions?
Bubbles in a pot , an air conditioner which takes heat in and not out because it it blowing cold air out and absorbing hot air in.

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