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What do the acronyms CCTV and PTZ stand for

by Aiden Dowd (2019-08-18)

There are many things that the acronyms CCTV and PTZ stand for. Typically, CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and PTZ stands for Point Tilt Zoom.

female_taking_picture_of_a_christmas_gifWhere can one purchase PTZ Security Cameras?
One can purchase PTZ Security Cameras from many retailers. They are available to buy from eBay, Tmart, Tech 365, CCTV Camera Pros, Ebuyer and from Amazon.

What is pan tilt zoom CCTV?
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (or PTZ) CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) means that the camera has the ability to sweep left or right (Pan), up or down (Tilt) and zoom. Outdoor PTZ enclosures often include heating and venting to keep the camera warm in the winter and keep the lens from fogging up.

What do the acronyms unicef irri cod nasa and who stand for?
what do the acronyms

What does cctv stand for?
Closed Circuit TeleVision

What does the acronyms INTR stand for?
The acronyms are the short form of a word. The acronyms INTR stands for the interior. There can be other words also but this is the most common for which it is used.

What do the acronyms NIMBI stand for?
Not in My Best Interests

What does the acronyms wcb bc stand for?
The acronyms "WCB BC" stand for "Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia". It is an organization supported by contributions from workers that helps for compensation of injuries and diseases.

What does the acronym SDMS stand for?
SDMS stands for the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. SDMS can also stand for Scientific Data Management System. Along with the above two acronyms there are more possible acronyms.

What does QFT stand for?
There are a few acronyms see link below.

What does the acronyms CAT scan stand for?
Computerized Axial Tomography.

What is the Full form of PTZ?
PTZ refers to Pan Tilt Zoom.

Where might a person find a list of acronyms for BIL?
A person can find a list of acronyms on CMS, or the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services. They provide a very very large variety of acronyms, however, they do not have acronyms for BIL. So according to my research, one cannot find a list of acronyms for BIL as it does not stand for anything.

How many ptz is a MacBook Pro on lockerz?
The macbook on lockerz is 1,000 ptz but if you want the macbook pro which I like better and it got better reviews is 1,750 ptz

What do the acronyms SMTP stand for?
SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

What do the acronyms POP3 stand for?
Post Office Protocol ver 3

What does the acronym lazer stand for?
Lazer is a misspelling of LASER. There are no acronyms for "LAZER", however, there are acronyms for "LASER". A popular one is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

What does CIF stand for in CCTV?
CIF as used in video stands for Common Intermediate Format

What does the acronym INCO stand for?
Some of the Acronyms that INCO stands for are, Initialize and Checkout and International Cooperation. Other Acronyms for INCO are International Nickel Company and Infanteriecompagnie (Dutch).

What do the acronyms unicef irri cod nasa and who stands for?
It stand for by Jose Rizal ..

What does the acronyms OASIS stand for?
OASIS=Organization For the Advancement Of Structured Information Standards.

What can one view online at CCTV?
CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is generally used in security cameras and survelliance cameras. CCTV could also stand for China Central Television. Then you can view almost anything since it's the largest tv network in mainland China.

Is CCTV Systems a reliable company?
CCTV Systems is a respected industry name. Having been in business for years, their name is prominent and known in the field and they stand behind their 'Reliability' tagline. It's in the name.

What do the acronyms HOGE and HIGE stand for?
Hover In Ground Effect and Hover Out of Ground Effect

Where can you download a lockerz ptz generator that actually works?
just go to youtube and type in ptz points grenarder

What are some acronyms for VME?
Some acronyms of vme would be virtual machine environment, which is an ICL operating system. It can also stand for virtual memory extension or virtual memory extended.

What do the letters STEL stand for in a safety data sheet?
There are multiple acronyms for STEL. The primary acronyms for STEL are: Short Term Exposure Level, Short Time Exposure Limit, Short Term Exposure Limit, Solar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, and Stand for Threshold Limit.

How do you get 2000 ptz on lockerz?
Watch videos, answer questions daily and invite friends. You'll have 2000 ptz before you know it.

What is PTZ Controller PPC used for?
The PTZ Controller PPC is an application that the Pocket PC uses to control the camera. The PTZ Controller supports PPC Pelco D/P protocol. The application sells for around $28 to $30.

What is the meaning of the acronym RETS?
There are quite a few acronyms that can come from RETS. Such acronyms include : Real Estate Transaction Standard, Remote Engagement Target System, and Rocket Engine Test Stand.

What does the term CGHS stand for?
There are several different acronyms that CGHS could stand for. One such term is Central Government Health Scheme. Most of the acronyms found for CGHS refers to high schools. Center Grove High School and Cottage Grove High School are two examples.

What are the technical specifications of the PTZ security cameras?
PTZ security cameras are a popular brand of surveillance equipment. The specifications, however, are dependent on the specific model of PTZ camera. For the specifications relative to your desired model, visit the company's official website.

What the acronyms of COD?
The acronym COD can stand for 'Cash On Delivery', meaning that the person you send something to has to pay for it.

What did KAOS on Get Smart stand for?
Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the creators of Get Smart, had intended for CONTROL and KAOS to be acronyms, but they never came up with anything for them to stand for.

How much does a PSP cost on Lockerz?
200 Ptz for a PSP with Ratchet and Clank, or 900 Ptz (Might be 800) for one with Assassins Creed Bloodlines.

What does the acronym POU stand for?
There are quite a number of various acronyms that POU could stand for. Some examples are Point Of Use, Program Organization Unit, and Philosophy Of Use.

What does the acronym STIM stand for?
There are many acronyms for STIM, some of them are: Stand and Tree Integrated Model, Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy, and Smart Transducer Interface Module.

How do you get 100 ptz on lockerz?
with patience

What do the acronyms SWOT and PEST stand for?
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis

What does DMC stand for in the Military?
The Army is known for its acronyms but DMC probably refers to the award of the Distinguished Military Cross.

What does sq and km stand for?
Depends on context-most common acronyms kilometer and square-like in square feet

How long should it take you to earn 200 lockerz ptz?
It took me about two days to earn 1000 ptz. All I did was watch their videos and and answer their daily questions.

What do the initials BNM stand for?
The initials "BNM" stand for the band Billy No Mates. There are several acronyms other than that as well. The Bang Negara Malaysia is another popular one.

What are some acronyms for nwl?
NWL is a fairly common acronym that can stand for a number of different things, depending on the context. For example, it can stand for Naval Weapons Laboratory, or No Weak Links.

What is the acronyms PHI EPHI stand for?
PHI- Protected Health Information EPHI- Protected Health Information in Electronic form

According to Wikipedia what are some of the things that the acronym OIS may stand for?
According to Wikipedia there are a number of acronyms that OIS may stand for. It can stand for 'Overnight Indexed Swap', 'Optical IP Switching' and 'Oxygen Isotope Stages'.

What does the acronym EFY stand for?
Acronyms often stand for different things in different countries and regions of the world, due to different languages. However, in America, EFY stands for "Especially For Youth."

What does the acronym SRB stand for?
There are numerous acronyms for the letters SRB. There are approximately seventy-nine SRB acronyms, which include: Solid Rocket Booster, Service Request Block, Self Run Business, Stress Rated Board, and Spoiled Rotten Brat.

Who invented CCTV?
who invented the cctv

What does shawols stand for shinee fans 'is it acronyms or Korean or something?
a SHAWOL is a SHINee fan :) Shawol is short for `SHINEE WORLD`

What is nstp cwts?
The acronyms NSTP and CWTS can stand for the following: National Service Training Program Civic Welfare Training Service

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