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Chromecast Amazon Instant

by Genie Layton (2019-08-17)

chromecastTypically, people stream from their computers. The video Mac and Windows PC owners get is great and reliable. You can watch whatever you want, any time you want. Mobile users, too, can enjoy the large catalogue of movies and shows that Amazon Instant Video offers. The video from iPad and iPhone is high quality and has no major issues. The video from Android is the same, but many Android devices cannot use Amazon Instant Video or cannot use it as effectively as desired. Now, these are not your only options. Sometimes, a device that does not have the app can still stream content from Amazon Instant Video.

Chromecast is an example of this.  There is no ready to use Amazon Instant Video app for Chromecast, sadly. If you own a Chromecast but would like to stream content from Amazon, you can do so. You first have to go to the browser section of Chromecast and change the default Silverlight to Flash. Once your browser starts using Flash rather than Silverlight, you can enter the Amazon website and begin streaming content. It is sort of like a video hack, but it is more of a way around a simple blockade.

Once you get around the blockade, you can watch your movies and television shows on your television. The only concern is that the quality is not always what you would expect or want. Compared to the video iPhone or PC users have, as examples, it is lacking. This is because you are not viewing anything with a dedicated app or with a system built for media consumption. You may find that video no sound playback errors occur or that the sync is off. These video sound issues may resolve themselves or may work with a little toying around, but it is not definite.