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Sega receives ailing timed online gaming license

by Craig Feakes (2019-08-16)

-school Bandar Slot Judi Terpercaya text c-gray-1" >Here's a fun little slice of coincidence to brighten up your life: A pair of Australian researchers recently published a study that tracks the correlation between heavy video game use in teens and pathological gambling tendencies. Not 24 hours before this study -- which concluded that there was some connection between the two activities -- hit the blogosphere, Sega made an unfortunately-timed announcement: The company had secured an online gambling license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, allowing it to run Sega-branded online casino games for real-life money.

While some may weave these two stories into a tapestry of fear for our young, impressionable youths, we're honestly not that worried. After their first roughing up by professional loan shark Big the Cat, they'll likely shy away from games of chance altogether.

[Thanks, Barry.]