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LG is Currently Ditching the notch in Favour patent reveals, of the Holepunch camera

by Holly Sandlin (2019-08-15)

macbook pro - LG, whose handset business was struggling for some time now, notably hopped on board the trend of adding the much-maligned front top notch to the first time together with last year's G7 ThinQ. Even the South Korea-based manufacturer has expanded that design touch to additional mobiles in its line up, but now comes a business sign that the business appears prepared to dump the elite in favor of a Holepunch camera setup with its next big release.

The look LG was approved for looks like the Galaxy Notice 10 that Samsung is unveiling on August 7 at its next big Unpacked event -- with all the Note 10 additionally including a hole punch camera. Back in LG's patent application, by that the color render was prepared that you can see previously, the planned design contains a full screen front display having a pit on top at the exact middle of the screen which includes the selfie camera and some of sensors.

It is not clear what kind of sensors LG would like to add here, however the G 8 ThinQ that LG released earlier this year may offer some clues. It comprised and a Time-of-Flight detector, an 8MP front-facing camera in addition to a infrared detector, with that installment making facial recognition potential.

Another thing that's not clear from the patent documentation is if LG may likely launch such a device, even though that's not to say we aren't completely in the dark concerning the next release that the organization is planning. Independent of the patent news, a 20-second clip LG posted to YouTube shows what looks to be a flagship the business will apparently unveil at the IFA trade show at Berlin.

The rumor mill has suggested that this could possibly be a 5G-enabled V60 ThinQ, but we shall see.