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دانلود فیلم آستیگمات

by Omer Tarpley (2019-08-12)

\u0622\u0633\u062a\u06cc\u06af\u0645\u0627\u062a (\u0641\u06cc\u0644\u0645) - \u0648\u06cc\u06a9\u06cc\u200c\u067e\u062f\u06cc\u0627\u060c \u062f\u0627\u0646\u0634\u0646\u0627\u0645\u0647\u0654 \u0622\u0632\u0627\u062fAstigmatism is a film written by Payam Karami and Majid Reza Mostafavi in ​​Year 2. The film deals with the issues of adolescence and دانلود فیلم آستیگمات adolescence, and is a family drama depicting various family crises that are about to lose their home. Of course, this is not the only film crisis, and moviegoers are struggling with other small and big problems, and the main victim of all these crises is Fraser, a twelve-year-old boy in the family. The film is the second feature film directed and directed by Majid Reza Mostafavi, and his first film was The Pomegranates of Premiere starring Ana Nemati and Pejman Bazoughi and Mehran Rajabi.