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Genuine barcode printing ink in Ho Chi Minh City

by Rickey Girdlestone (2019-08-08)

Barcode ink, also known as Ribbon, is an assortment of thermal ink employed for thermal transfer barcode printers composed of 3 components, a carbon ink colorant, and a wax used to melt ink. and adhesive resin called Resin used to improve the adhesion of ink mixture on printing materials.
Barcode printing ink has 3 main types: Ribbon Wax, Ribbon Resin, Wax Resin Ribbon.

We specialize muc in ma vach chinh hang providing barcode types for barcode printer types of barcode printer brands. Service of advice and thoughtful support. If you have a need for barcode printing ink, please contact Vietnam Code.

Note when buying barcode printing ink

Know the actual size of the barcode ink roll (width x length): 110mmx100m, 110mmx300m, 90mmx450m and other size?
Know what ink you'll need: wax, wax-resin or resin?
Which printer ink have you been going to buy? What type of printer are you going to get, desktop barcode printer, industrial printer ...?
How does your barcode printer accept film in ink-like mode? Does the ink stick to the within or the surface surface?