Operation of solid waste in intermunicipal sanitary landfills in the province of Cañete - Region Lima, 2018 [Operación de residuos sólidos en rellenos sanitarios intermunicipales en la provincia de Cañete - Región Lima, 2018]

Bessy Castillo Santa Maria, Ruben Moreno Sotomayor


The objective of this research work is to determine the relationship between the operation of solid waste in intermunicipal sanitary landfills in the province of Cañete - Lima Region, 2018. In order to propose tools for its implementation and avoid the pollution that has been causing in the different districts of the province. The quantitative approach, non-experimental design, correlational type, was used through the survey technique and as an instrument the questionnaire, a population of 120 people, 20 per district of Cerro Azul, Nuevo Imperial and Quilmana. In the result there is no significant correlation between the sanitary landfill variable and solid waste, since the significance 0.05 is less than 0.59, therefore it is not significant and the correlation coefficient Pearson (r=,050) indicates that there is a moderate relationship between both variables. The moderate existence between the variables sanitary landfill and intermunicipal solid waste of the province of Cañete 2018 is concluded, it reflects the little interest in propitiating changes of behavior between authorities of the different districts focused on the investigation, provoking the vulnerability due to the lack of formal and sustainable sanitary landfills


Landfill, solid waste, pollution and vulnerability

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32829/eesj.v2i2.67


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